Clod's Heli's Cars & Boats Airplanes

1/4 Scale Yankee CEC Porsche 930 Turbo

1/5 Scale HARM Car McLaren / Upgraded FG

F1 and HPI Supernitro Dodge Viper

Round Up 2 & 3

1/8 Tamiya TGX and 1/10 TA03 Pro

RS4 Pro & Thunder Tiger 1/8 Mirage V-Spec

Modified Tamiya Top Force Evolution and Modified Nitro Stampede

DUMAS 55" Scarab

Cars: Top - TGX 1/8's, TA03 Pro, RS4 Pro

CLODS and USA Nitro

Converted Graphite Top Force Evolution and 1/8 Mirage VSpec

Bottom - Clods Hopped up and customized

Clod's Heli's Cars & Boats Airplanes



Last Updated on 01/01/1999 - Over Counter Served

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