Clod's Heli's Cars & Boats Airplanes

  Vario's BIG Airwolf Finally Completed / X-Cell Graphite Mechanics (Thanks Xeno Xenophontos)....

  Vario's EC135 Finally Completed / X-Cell Mechanics (Thanks Steve Poretz)....

Henseleit 3DNT

Minicopter Joker

Vario's EC135 Coming Soon (Thanks PJ)....This one died at the hands of UPS.

BK117 SCALE to SCALE....

X-Cell 60 Shark Fuse

Concept 60 SRII and X-Cell Pro 4 Stroke's

Concept SR-X Zeal Metal Frame and X-Cell Pro and Alaina........

X-Cell Pro with Pro II Head and T&T Head

X-Cell Graphite 60 & 46 with Pro II Heads

X-Cell Gasser with T&T Head, full push-pull everywhere with reinforced brace

My 30 Machines X-Cell 30 Stock and Kyosho Nexus 30 Totally Hopped Up.

LMH 100+ (WOW!!!!)

E-Flite CP Pro

Reflex Micro Helicopter & Havoc On TOP


Clod's Heli's Cars & Boats Airplanes



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