Clod's Heli's Cars & Boats Airplanes

1/5th Scale MCD Blue Line 4x4 with Swamp Dawgs and Skid Plates with JPS Wheels

1/8th Scale CEN Genesis

1/10th Scale Tamiya TXT-1 and 1/8th Scale Terra Crusher

1/8th Scale OFNA Titan

OFNA Monster Pirate with New Era Frame and Skid Plates with JPS Wheels

Sassy Chassis Clod

Sassy Chassis USA-1 with ESP and Tamiya Juggernaut

42" Modified Sassy Chassis with Sees Custom Wheels, Bullhead Body, and Tonka Dump

Latest Homebult Clod Addition with ESP Links and Bumpers

JPS "All" JPS and New Era with JPS Wheels

Latest Clods Addition

Bennett Clod and Sassy Chassis Clod with JPS all around

ESP Clod IV and USA1 Nitro Crusher with JPS all around

The Round Up.... and My Clods (ESP IV & Bennett)

Clod's Heli's Cars & Boats Airplanes


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