Heli's Cars & Boats Airplanes

Team Monsters 1/4 Scale Monster Truck

Team Monster 1/4 Scale

New Era's 1/4 Scale Monster Truck

1/4 Scale Custom Bear Foot

Custom 1/4 Scale Motorcycle

Al Fowler's Bulldog. Not Much To Say!!!!! Unbelievable!


Project Big Truck 2 ........ and ........ PJ's Clod

SEI 1/5 Scale Porsche

1/4 Scale Monsters

Hector's AWESOME Custom Mongoose...

NEW GT2 From SEI (Yes, it really is a 1/5 Scale Model!!!)

JPS Clod

New Era Clod

Miscellaneous Samples from around the WEB

Outrageous Boats and Subs

Heli's Cars & Boats Airplanes


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